Why Live In The Country?

by | Aug 26, 2018 | Farm Life | 2 comments

We have a new neighbor across the street.

No, nobody moved in or out, no moving trucks have been on the scene. But a new miniature horse!

Life in the country never ceases for opportunities for amazement and as I sat on the deck this morning, I had another country experience.

I heard the horses talking.

For most of the time we’ve lived here, there have been rodeo horses about a mile down the road, neighbor’s horses in their various fields and pens about a half to a quarter mile west of us, and three right next door.
Just yesterday, after arriving home from a long day of Denver soccer and trying to find the exit at Ikea, I heard voices and a new noise across the street.
In the distance, I saw the little neighbor girl out with her mom and a horse about mid-thigh high.
This morning, the new resident introduced herself to the neighbors.
It was 7:22 and I was out with my coffee, enjoying the peace, the breeze and swatting at occasional flies.  The seed head Irma gave me last year has grown into giant sunflowers that shined their faces toward me. I was watching for the little yellow hummingbird that was flitting around just before I came out.
That’s when the rodeo horses started the conversation. They neigh-neigh-neighed far in the distance and like a wave much more kind to the ears than a string of dogs howling at one another, the half mile horses responded, followed by the quarter mile horses.
The mini horse let out its morning greeting in proportion to its size, “I’m herererere, I’m hererere, I’m hererere!”  And finally the boss of the three in the corral next door ended the morning song.
It’s beautiful here in the country.  If you’ve never been, you ought to try it sometime.

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