Shower Notes

by | Oct 16, 2018

The shower is a dangerous place for me.

That’s where my brain goes berserk thinking of all kinds of business ideas. I can create an entire business model in 30 seconds while shampooing my hair. I think it’s because I’m alone in there with nothing else to do while scrubbing my armpits with my shower gloves and shaving with my foot propped up on the wall.

One morning, a couple of months ago, I created three businesses, all within a 10 minute period. (Or, according to my family a 20 minute period, since they swear my showers are that long. Liars.)

The night before, I had talked to Herbert about starting up the lotion side of my old business again. After having a minor heart attack at the thought of my life once again revolving around goats and milk and bottles of lotion in all of our little house’s nooks and crannies, he calmly talked me out of it, which gave room for the newest shower ideas to sprout. One of which was inspired by the following conversation:

Herbert: “You should keep writing.”

Me: “Why?”

Herbert: “Because you like it. And because people like it.”

So that morning, somewhere between shampoo and conditioner, I decided I could buy the web domain and use that as my outlet for writing, which as you know, I started up again a few months ago.

Writing brings me joy. It makes me smile, it makes me forget to eat and it makes me skip this week’s trip to the grocery store, which I’m convinced are all signs of passion for what I do.

Writing is good for me because I’m a processor. I don’t react quickly to anything except my kid farting on me or my other kid showing me an F. Those two situations call for immediate measures, knee-jerk reactions as my Mom says. Shove the first kid away and gag loudly, launch into a Freaky Mom grades lecture and take the phone from the second kid.

But under normal circumstances, I process. In a conversation when someone says, “What do you think?” I generally do a mental choke, open my mouth, expell air but not words then say…  “let me think about that”.  I am not overly quick witted, even after 19 years of marriage to my husband, I still have to think about a response to his jokes. Which is why it’s good for me to write.

Everything that goes on in my brain is pretty funny and if I have the time to process it and put it on paper (paper…right…that is sooooo 20th Century), I even crack myself up. Other times, after stirring a deep thought around in my head for so long, it has to get poured out in the hopes that it will help someone else.

That’s how the idea for Business #1,, was born that morning in the shower.

But never a dull moment, a split second later, I designed Business #2. After mentally writing the soon-to-be-released Freaky Mom blog post, I designed a T-shirt in my mind which would be posted after the Freaky Mom blog post and would have the note that some of the proceeds would go to the Freaky Mom Foundation, therefore I would need to buy the dot com for Freaky Mom Foundation. would inspire moms to follow their guts, and do the best for their kids that they believe is possible. Love their kids, even when it means taking away their cell phone. Love their kids, even when it means limiting screen time. Love their kids even when it means making them clean out the barn. progressed rapidly into my co-Freaky Mom and I speaking on stage to inspire moms, speaking at schools to further my own Mom’s Dare to Dream project, and morphed into providing scholarships to kids going to college.

Then it dawned on me, what if only one person buys a T-shirt? Some poor kid is only going to get a five dollar college scholarship. On the bright side, we’ll call it the “latte scholarship”…enough to buy a latte. Oh well, I’ll work out the kinks later.

In all this bathing creativity, there exists one major problem for me. Shortly after the process of creating my shower businesses, I forget them. It’s as if the air on the outside of the shower curtain erases my shower memories.

Which is why I also created Business #3, a Shower Notes business…in the shower. I began designing a stick-to-the-wall writing system with a waterproof marker. That way, I could write down all my ideas and not lose them in the bathroom fog or ruin my eyeliner by using it all over the mirror.


The hole in the wall? Beginnings of bathroom remodeling!

But before I could patent my invention, I found out someone else had the same problem and already created a shower note system! For a few bucks, I ordered this. Now, I can write my grocery list, my tagline ideas, funny words that come to mind and my business brainstorms in the shower before they wash down the drain!


Captured these brainstorms this morning.

A waterproof pad of paper and a pencil suction cupped to the wall. Brilliant.

Well, that’s all folks.  Talk at you next time.

– Lindsey

P.S.  Are you a shower entrepreneur?  What ideas do you come up with in the shower?  Comment below!

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