Epic Fail

Epic Fail

Consequence of the Week ProgramWith this 15 week FREE program delivered to your email, you'll: Become more confident with consequences! Begin to silence the mom-doubt voice! Know you're a good mom! Feel good about yourself! Have fun giving consequences! (whaaaatt???)...

My Obituary

No, I’m not dead, don’t worry. But I went to a funeral yesterday and it made me consider what my obituary will say when I’m gone. It’s like the ultimate Dream List.  The Master List of Things I Want to be Sure I Complete in My Life.  The Most Important...

A Quick Christmas List: 9 Good Christmas Gifts

In case you still haven’t finished your shopping…or, in case you haven’t even started, here is the Christmas list I promised you.  You can get it all online, just click the blue words.  This is stuff I Have and Love. Before you start down...
How I Wrote A Book In 30 Days (plus a gift idea)

How I Wrote A Book In 30 Days (plus a gift idea)

I put one foot in front of the other.  Or, one word after the other, I guess is a better way to say it.  I took the challenge from nanowrimo.org to write a novel in November.  I made a commitment to write a 50,000 word book, 1,667 words every day.  Some days I missed...

Kids driving you crazy?

I get it!  Our FREE worksheet called "6 Steps To Create Consequences That Work" will help you plan ahead for the next time your kids drive you up the wall.  (You'll actually be excited for the next time they misbehave.  Wait.  What???) 

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