A Quick Christmas List: 9 Good Christmas Gifts

by | Dec 6, 2018

In case you still haven’t finished your shopping…or, in case you haven’t even started, here is the Christmas list I promised you.  You can get it all online, just click the blue words.  This is stuff I Have and Love.

Before you start down the list, there are some things you should know:  The really nice pictures are from Amazon.  You’ll have to scroll down to the bottom to see the reality pictures of my stuff in action.  You’re not the only one who hasn’t finished Christmas shopping, I haven’t either.  You definitely need the car tweezers, we all do.  It’s not offensive to give your momfriends car tweezers because they totally need them too.  And, finally, you are alone if you have finished shopping.  Good job, I aspire to be you in my next life.

1. Shower gloves…by now, you probably know I love these.

2. Aqua Notes…and these.

3. Flip Belt…This goes with me every time I run, which is a good thing because I used to scare everyone in my path with Herbert’s antique fanny pack (see way below).  I carry my phone and my house key in my flip belt and every so often my driver’s license.  I haven’t ever seen a need to carry a pack of ketchup as pictured to the left of the dollar bill…have you?  Huh.

4. Car Tweezers…Just your basic tweezers here.  Keep them in the car, away from the kids who steal them from the bathroom drawer to pick the dead skin off their feet, away from your husband who uses your eyebrow plucking bathroom tweezers to clean out the shower drain and away from yourself who forgets it was you who actually left them by the coffee pot and forgot where you put them and blamed it on your kids and your husband.  I’ve never done that though.  Store car tweezers in the car in that middle console thingy.  Or in the driver’s side door pocket.  Somewhere you will put them right back after you use them to pluck a chin hair at a stoplight and as an added benefit, no one will want to go all the way to the car to get tweezers if they have to pick skin or clean drains.

5. Wall clock…People love this thing.  So do I.  The kids were always asking me…“What time is it Mom?”  I figured a giant clock on the wall would solve the problem.  It didn’t.  They still ask what time it is.  But, at least I don’t have to speak.  Now, I just point at the wall.  (this isn’t the exact clock I have but pretty darn close.)

6. Malabrigo Rasta Yarn…I get compliments all the time on a scarf I have that’s made out of this yarn.  I can’t tell you where to get a scarf like mine already made, but I can tell you the type of yarn and pretty close to the color.  If you’re a knitter (like I am working on becoming for about 2 hours each year), this is some pretty great yarn to work with I understand.  It’s awesome to wear and beautiful to look at too.

7. Vitamix…a must for perfect White Milkshakes (for which I am famous with the natives).  When Herbert and I went to a home show in the last century after we got married, I saw a Vitamix demonstration and fell in love.  Only, it cost $500.  Ixnay on the Itamixvay.  I went straight home and announced I don’t need that thing, I can make the exact same soup in my blender.  Ya, right.  Not so.  A regular blender is just that…a regular blender, a glorified food grinder.  No, the Vitamix is the Tesla if the blender is the Ford Escort.  Two years after I saw the Vitamix, we sold our first house.  I announced (I do lots of announcing) to Herbert that, from the profits of the sale, I would get $500 to use on whatever I wanted and he would get $500 to use on whatever he wanted.  He bought a table saw.  I bought a Vitamix.  I still use it most days and it’s now 17 years old.  Spring for it.  Do it.  Sell a house.

8. Nutrimill…Ever since I started grinding my own wheat, this is how I have done it.  Well, rethinking that, I actually started grinding the wheat berries into flour in my Vitamix but then I asked for a Nutrimill for Christmas.  I’ve used it for the past a lot of years.  Any of my baked goods…chocolate cake, bread, cookies…are made from the whole wheat flour pumped out by this puppy.

9. Kitchenaide…Right after my Mom gave me her mustard yellow 1964 hand mixer for my bridal shower gift in 1999 (aka, last century), she followed it with the actual gift…a black Kitchenaide mixer which I have used to mix and knead my famous honey whole wheat bread, my twice annual famous chocolate cake, all manner of cookies and the occasional stiff peak egg white for the past 19 years.

Well, there you have it.  Happy shopping and get ‘er done sister.  That’s next on my list.  Finish shopping.

Adios…and in the next few days, I’ll let you know about my favorite books that have helped shape me into the Freaky Mom Entrepreneur that I am today.  Maybe you can pick up some of them for stocking stuffers, but watch out, it might be contagious.

Good Job Mom!


P.S.  If you get any of your Christmas gifts by clicking a link here, I might make a few bucks. (for example, last month I made $6.54 from orders people placed through Amazon, not breaking the bank, but it paid for my latest coffee shop office caramel macchiato).

And now, for a glimpse into my reality:

Some of my latest shower notes. Notice the pencil tip is facing up. The lead breaks less frequently when it falls to the floor on the eraser end.

I hid the tampon with the paper peeling off…I decided I’d just tell you it’s in there instead. Just as necessary as the car tweezers.  See them?

Sticker wall clock.  Coolest thing ever.

Herbert’s antique fanny pack that I commandeered for running until it got a hole in it and it scared too many people and my sister gave me the flip belt.

OK, so I could use a new pair. You’re right.

This baby has pumped out years worth of whole wheat flour.

And, my tiny counter’s two permanent residents…the Vitamix and the Kitchenaide.

Bye again, have a great day and Good Job Mom!



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