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by | Dec 7, 2018

No, I’m not dead, don’t worry.

I’m not in jail either, although this looks suspiciously like a mugshot.

But I went to a funeral yesterday and it made me consider what my obituary will say when I’m gone.

It’s like the ultimate Dream List.  The Master List of Things I Want to be Sure I Complete in My Life.  The Most Important Things and The Ways I Hope I Am Remembered.

So, in lieu of actually dying, I’m going to write my premortem obituary, here goes:

(Mom and Dad, get a tissue…)

“Lindsey Aparicio, born May 19, 1975, was an incredible Mom whose kids knew, without a doubt, that she loved them. She showed them she loved them by hugging them, giving them specific examples of why she was proud of them, expecting the best of them, insisting on good grades, going to all the games and concerts, making their favorite birthday chocolate cake every year. She felt deeply in her soul how much she loved them. She made all of her decisions, upon becoming a Mom, by running them through her filter of, “Will this allow me to be present for my children?” She taught them to make mistakes, taught them to be thankful, taught them how to do their own laundry and how to clean the bathroom.

She lived, first and foremost, by her values. She did not accept mediocrity and learned, once she was in her 40’s, that failure, although something she abhorred, happens no matter what, and she learned that if she could accept it and deal with it quickly and in a healthy manner, she would be stronger for it.

She refused to go the route others thought she should, she blazed her own entrepreneurial path with a passion that inspired anyone who met her or read her writings.

She positively affected so many people’s lives with her smile, her optimism, her never-give-up attitude.

She became more fun as she got older, realizing the importance of daily cracking up and not taking things so seriously. Because of the way she loved…her children, her husband, her circle…the world is a better place.

And it’s a good thing she’s going to be around for another 57 years because she expects to make it to at least 100. That will make Herbert 107 and they will be available to dance salsa at their great grandchildren’s weddings, and will be happy to do the same for your great grandchildren too. It’s bound to be quite the spectacle. Hope you’re there.”

Yikes, I just cried at my own obituary. It’s definitely weird to read something about yourself when you’re dead but not really dead.

Now, I challenge you…to at least consider…writing your own obituary. Then, make sure you Iive so that it is the truth.

Hug your family, love your kids, stay alive and Good Job Mom!

Lindsey, age 43

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