How To Limit Fortnite

by | Feb 27, 2019


Moms vs. Fortnite.  The Universal Struggle, and I mean Universal!


When we were in El Salvador visiting family over Christmas, guess what?  Kids there are addicted too!


So, what’s a Mom to do?  Zillions of kids in the world come home after school and plop down for 2, 3, 4, 5 hours to play Fortnite every day after school because we…the parents…let them.


But Fortnite drives you crazy, right? 


It makes you grrrrrrrrr like a Tiger.  It makes you grit your teeth, roll your eyes, fume, yell, commiserate with your friends (because their kids are always on Fortnite too), dread the foul mood your kids will be in when you surgically extract the device from their hands.


You are tempted to throw in the towel and consider giving up the fight.


Well, don’t.


Don’t give up the fight.


But don’t necessarily make them give up Fortnite either.  


Slam on the brakes!!!  Hold the phone….Whaaaat???  


I know, you might have thought I would say Fortnite is bad, video games are evil, don’t ever let them play again.  


But, I’m not going to say that because Fortnite can actually Be. Your. Friend.





Friends with Fortnite?  The same awful invention that stole the sweet personalities of your children and convinced them to hide in the closet or under the covers to play…just so you wouldn’t know?  (but…they forgot…you’re The Mom…you know everything.)


Yes, Friends with Fortnite.  It actually sounds like a new support group. 


Friends with Fortnite. 


Relax, Close your eyes, Envision flowers and kittens, Repeat five times slowly: Friends With Fortnite, Friends With Fortnite, Friends With Fortnite, Friends With Fortnite, Friends With Fortnite.


No, just kidding, you don’t have to go to that extreme…although your kids might appreciate it…but I’m going to tell you right here in 8 steps How You (really) Can Be Friends With Fortnite.



Are you ready?  Here goes:


1.  Think about the things you would rather your kid(s) do instead of Fortnite. 


If you’re having any trouble with this, think about what you nag them about while they’re playing Fortnite.  Do any of these sound familiar? “You NEED to do your homework!” “Why don’t you play outside, it’s a beautiful day!”  “I have asked you 3 times to clean your room!” 


Or consider what you confide in your friends about, we’ve all done it!  “Kids just don’t ride bikes anymore!  I rode all the time when I was their age!”  “We got her a basketball hoop and she never uses it!”  “It’s ridiculous!  They sit on the couch right next to each other and play that stupid game!”


2.  Decide how much time is reasonable for your kid(s) to play Fortnite after school.  1 hour?  2 hours?


FREAKY MOM PRO TIP:  If your child is used to 2,3,4,5 hours after school, for this to work, you can’t cut them off cold turkey.  You have to allow some time.  But the key here is LESS time.  


3.  Make a list of the things they have to do before they get their Fortnite time.  Have the list ready before they get home from school.  For example:


You get 2 hours of Fortnite time after you play outside 1 hour, finish all of your homework, eat dinner, take a shower.  I love you!


4.  Expect them to be mad.  


5.  Don’t give in.


6.  Repeat tomorrow.


7.  Still don’t give in.


8.  Keep repeating and keep not giving in.  It’ll get easier.


After they get used to the fact that the rules have changed and that they still get to play Fortnite, they won’t fight you on it! 


You will find yourself nagging less, yelling less, stressing less. 


You will also find yourself laughing more, patting yourself on the back more, being happy with your child more.


You can do it.  


You and your new friend, Fortnite, are doing an awesome job!  


Good Job Mom!




P.S.  You can check out our trip to El Salvador on Facebook >>>here. (all the pictures are way back in December ’18 and January ’19…keep-a scrollin’!)


P.S.S.  If you want more tools for your toolbox of being an Awesome Mom, check out this link >>>more tools.



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