9 Road Trip Safety Tips (from a #bombcyclone survivor)

by | Mar 14, 2019

When we haul our kids all over tarnation, especially in winter, we are putting ourselves at risk of getting stuck.  Do you have what you need in your car so you and the kids can be safe if something like this ever happens to you?

My friend Debi and her dog Shine survived 9 hours in her car trapped on Colorado’s I-25 in the 100 mph winds, freezing temperatures and blizzard conditions in the 2019 Bomb Cyclone that hit much of the country. 

She had some important emergency preparedness items in her car…but didn’t have others.  I asked her, the day after her experience, what she recommends people have at all times in their cars.

Here’s Debi’s list of the top 9 Emergency Preparedness items you should have in your car to ensure your safety (and survival) on a road trip.

1. Warm boots you can walk in.

2. Gloves.

3. Warm coat.

4. Water.

5. Granola bars.

6. Blanket.

7. Scraper.

8. Phone Charger.

9. Extra medication.

Here was her reality. 

1.  She didn’t have warm boots.  She was wearing cute ankle boots, but nothing that would withstand the winter storm’s freezing temperatures, frigid wind and soaking snow when she got out to share Gatorades with the handful of cars stranded near her.

2.  She had gloves.

3.  She didn’t have a warm coat.  She only had a light coat.  Similar to her cute boots, her coat didn’t do much to protect her from the elements during her neighborly attempts at braving the weather to check on her fellow strandees.

4.  She didn’t have water.  She found sugar free Gatorades in her car (that she keeps on-hand for the grandchildren) but was without the gallon of water she usually packs for her dog, Shine.  For his water, she broke off and melted chunks of the sheets of ice that were coating her windows.

5.  She didn’t have granola bars but did have grandchildren sized baggies of pretzels that held her over.

6.  She didn’t have a blanket.

7.  She had a scraper.

8.  She had a phone charger.  She was frequently on her phone checking GPS, weather reports, researching what to do when stranded in a storm and communicating with her family.

9.  She had her medication.

Debi shared with me a couple other Road Trip Safety tips:

1.  When driving in the mountains, always start with a full tank of gas.

2.  If you get stranded, establish your location with a loved one.  (If you’re in a blizzard, you may not know where you are!)  You can do this by clicking on a recent text from the person you want to send your location to, clicking on the recipient’s name at the top, clicking on the “i” for “info” button, then clicking on “send my current location.”  That will send your location to the text recipient.  

I hope you never get stranded…but if you do, I hope you’re prepared with Debi’s 9 Emergency Preparedness Items!  (Mine are all in my car…they double as Soccer Mom Road Trip Emergency Preparedness Items too!)

Good Job Mom!


P.S.  You can check out more Road Trip Safety Tips on our Road Trip Safety and Emergency Preparedness board on Pinterest!  >>>click here!

P.P.S.  Thanks Debi, for sharing your recommendations so that others will be safe!!



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