How I Planned Ahead For The Next Time My Teenager Acts Entitled

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Here is a practical worksheet for behavior problems.  

I just put it to the test to pre-plan a consequence for my son and it worked. 

(See all my red writing in the picture above?  Can you read my chicken scratch?)

“It makes you think through your child’s behavior, identify the problems with your child’s behavior and with the way you normally handle it. Then, it works you through to a solution!  I loved it!” (I better…because I created it!) – Lindsey

I promised you when I published this post that I would download my own worksheet (you can get by clicking the button below) and use it to plan ahead for the next time my older son acts ungrateful, unappreciative and entitled.


…and it was an exercise in pulling the cobwebs out of the corners of my brain where my habitual parenting responses reside.

Imagine spring cleaning.  You know you ought to spring clean your whole house, but that seems SUPER overwhelming.

Nevertheless, a voice inside your head tells you to just start somewhere.  Just pick something.  The hall closet.  The bathroom.  The Christmas trunk.  Something!

Changing your own habits of Mothering is sort of like spring cleaning.  You know you should do it but it feels overwhelming.

here’s some help:

Join the revolution and click the button below to get the *FREE* worksheet that will give you the nudge…to start!

Just like spring cleaning your house, you can’t clean up your dusty Freaky Mom habits all at once, but you can start one behavior at a time.

I started with the one that is on the top of my mind right now…how to stop my son from acting entitled, unappreciative and ungrateful the next time he returns from a trip away from home.

what are you going to start with?

 Good Job Mom!! 


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