Simple Kitchen Activity to Teach Your Kids To Take Personal Responsibility

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Most kids do not understand how (or why) they should take personal responsibility for their actions. 

Blame is an easier route to take.  Blame the other kid.  Blame the teacher.  Blame the weather.  Blame the ref.  Blame.  Blame.  Blame.

So how do we teach our kids to take responsibility for their part in the problem? 

“It’s not MY fault it’s snowing!”…How do we teach them to realize they would not be freezing had they remembered to bring their coat? 

“That ref was the worst!  Did you SEE all the horrible calls he made?”…How do we teach them to accept the part they played in losing the game instead of blaming the ref?  

“So you’re telling me it’s MY fault I have a concussion?”…How do we teach them to own their role in the fight instead of blaming the guy that threw the punch? 

I figured it out after my son got punched so hard in the face at school that it knocked him unconscious.

I want to tell you about it.  The details are too sensitive to share here but if you’ve read this far, I trust that you are a mom who really wants to learn what to do to help your kids learn to take personal responsibility.

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