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How To Support Other Moms

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Help her KNOW she’s a good mom.

A lot of moms struggle with feelings of inadequacy.  Good Job Mom cards let a mom know YOU NOTICED that she’s doing a good job so she can silence her inner critic and you can feel good about yourself!

– Join the movement!

–  Silence her inner critic.

–  Feel good about yourself.

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“But do I give cards to moms I don’t even know?”


What happens when you give a Good Job Mom card to an awesome mom you don’t even know?

She smiles!!

It’s simple!

The “Good Job Mom” Plan goes like this:

1.  Order cards.

2.  Put them in your wallet.

3.  See a mom doing something you admire.

4.  Give her 2 cards – 1 for her to keep, 1 for her to give.

Because you’re considering buying cards, you’re obviously an awesome mom.*  I know, some days it doesn’t feel like it and you often don’t feel appreciated.

You didn’t get into being a mom so that you could get noticed.

You do what you do every day, no matter what.

But, it sure feels good when someone DOES notice!

Let that other mom know you noticed.

You’re awesome.  She’s awesome.  Let’s spread the word.

Join the movement!


Get the email “5 Examples of What To Say When You Give a Mom a Good Job Mom Card”

“Oh my gosh!  Thank you!!  I really needed this today!  I have a 3 week old and a toddler.  Today has been a rough day.”

- Mom of 3 week old baby and 2 year old boy walking out of coffee shop

“This is so cool!!!  I love this idea!!!  Thank you so much!!!”

- Mom cheering loud for her son at his basketball game

“Awww, look at this card she gave me honey!  That was so nice!  It says Good Job Mom, Congratulations, you were just caught in a great act of parenting!  Wow.  That made my day!”

- Mom teaching her daughter how to safely ride her bike

4 Step “Good Job Mom” Plan:

1.  Put the cards in your wallet.

2.  See a mom doing something you admire.

3.  Give her TWO cards:  one for her to keep and one for her to give.

4.  Watch her smile!

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