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Why You Should Give Yourself Credit

by | Jan 30, 2020 | gear, gifts, good people to know, Mom | 0 comments

If you’re anything like me, every day, the voice in your head says,

“You should have…”

“You should have remembered to put Chex mix in their lunches.”

“You should have volunteered more at school.”

“You should have washed his favorite shirt.”

“You should have taught him how to get up with his own alarm clock.” 

I used to let myself get down about the things I should have done.

But then I figured out how to stop the “You should have” voice in my head.

I have a secret cheerleader.

A quiet encourager that recognizes me for everything I do. 

A daily reminder.

My bracelet.

Yes.  Literally.  My bracelet.

“How”, you ask, “does a bracelet shut up the mom doubt voice in your head?”

Here’s how.

It says “Good Job Mom” and I wear it every single day.

Any time I hear the “You should have” voice, I look at my bracelet and it confirms what I KNOW I am doing.

I am doing a good job.

Sure, I could have remembered the Chex mix.  I could volunteer more at school.  I could have done laundry last night.  I could teach him to use his alarm clock.

But, by reading my bracelet each time the voice starts…

I give myself credit for what I do every day.

I make coffee, I make their breakfasts, I wake them up, I unload the dishwasher while they eat, I cuddle with one on the couch while the other goes back to bed, I wake them both up again, I pack their lunches, I fill their water bottles, I watch for the bus, I hug them goodbye and tell them I love them, I watch them get on the bus, I stand at the door to wave at the bus driver.

And that’s all before 6:35 am.

I am a good mom.

You are a good mom.

Shut up Mom Doubt voice…

I know we’ll meet again, but I’ll come armed.  Again.

I will silence you again.

With my bracelet.

You won’t survive for long.

Good Job Mom, 


Dear Mom,

This bracelet is your lifeline.  On the days you are overwhelmed with your kids, work and getting dinner, look at it, take a deep breath and tell yourself, “Good Job Mom. You’re doing your best.”  read more…

“I smile a lot more when I wear it and look at my son.”

- Mom of 6 year old boy

“It is great encouragement.  When I feel especially down all I have to do is look at the bracelet and remember, oh yeah, I am a good mom.  This may be a crappy situation but that doesn’t change who I am or strive to be.”

- Mom of 9 year old girl and 6 year old boy

“It is a great reminder that no matter what happens at any given moment…I am a good mom!  And sometimes I need to say it more especially when I don’t feel like I am a good mom.”

- Mom of two kids

5 Step “Good Job Mom” Bracelet Plan:

1.  Choose your style (silver or gold).

2.  Order your bracelet.

3.  Wear it every day.

4.  Silence your inner critic.

5.  Cheer yourself on.

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