I know you are hurting right now…

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I know you are hurting right now.

I know you are overwhelmed with your new life.

But, I’m here to tell you, you will be ok.

Your kids will be ok.

We will be ok.

Quarantine has us all locked in our houses, depressed after returning home from harrowing trips to the grocery store.   Those of us still working are stripping off our clothes and sticking them straight in the wash the minute we get home. 

We are disinfecting our credit cards, our keys, our wallets, our shoes, our cars, our groceries.   We are drawing smiley faces on masks.

We are learning new ways to be a mom to the same kids we had a month ago. 

And our kids are going through the same withdrawals, stresses and emotions we are…yet they aren’t as equipped (or perhaps are more equipped) to deal with them.

You are the same person you were a month ago.

Your kids are the same people they were a month ago.

But you are all dealing with a new set of circumstances and that has caused the hurting and the overwhelm.

You, the mom, have always been the go-to person for fixing things. 

“Mom, my toy broke…can you fix it?

“Mom, I have a cut…can you put a band-aid on it?”

“Mom, my back hurts…can you rub it?”

But, now, mom, you are hurting because you realize you can’t fix it.

The positive spin you put on everything doesn’t seem to be helping your kids get through this.

Reminding them to be thankful for what you all still DO have falls on deaf ears.

They are sick of you, your approach to life and your optimistic attempts to lead them through this crisis.

And that hurts.

Yes, their comments…“Mom!  I know!…Mom!  I get it!… Mom! Can you just stop saying that?”…hurt.

But what hurts more is realizing you actually are not equipped to fix this.

You can’t make it better.

Perhaps, you think in your low times, you have never been able to make it better.

Perhaps, the voice in your head whispers, you were delusional in thinking (all these years) that it even WAS you that made it better.

But, then you realize, that is just your inner critic talking.  Trying to beat you up for not being able to fix this one.  

And then you realize…

…just like a month ago, before life abruptly shifted…

…you are doing your best. 

You are doing the best you can to raise your kids in a way that you believe is best.

They might reject your attempts, they might get mad, they might ignore.


…keep doing what you think is right as a mom.

In a new normal, there is a new way of doing what you think is right as a mom.

Maybe in the old days (a month ago), you would never have advocated for your kids playing XBox.  Maybe now, you do, because you realize that’s their only mode of socializing with their friends.

Maybe in the old days (a month ago), you felt it your duty as a mom to do all of your kids’ laundry.  Maybe now, you go against your old values and teach them to do their own laundry.

Maybe in the old days (a month ago), you craved extra time with your kids and now, you’re feeling guilty realizing the togetherness isn’t all you imagined it would be.

But, I’m here to say, You’ll be ok.  Your kids will be ok.  We will be ok.

How do I know?

Because you are a good mom.

Did you hear me?

You.  Are.  A.  Good.  Mom.

Just like the hundreds of good moms I have talked to over the years (whose children have successfully grown into adults) say…

…your kids will appreciate it when they’re older.


Good Job Mom!



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- You

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Good Job Mom!


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