11 Ways To Live Like You're In The Country

11 Ways To Live Like You're In The Country

1. Slow down when the chickens cross the road. It’s true, chickens really do cross the road. It happened on the way home from soccer practice the other night.  I slowed down for a Barred Rock, a Silkie and a Rhode Island Red. Their destination?  You guessed...
Where Do You Get Your Oil Changed?

Where Do You Get Your Oil Changed?

Things I Value: My husband offered to have me leave my car at home for him to do an oil change (although very kind, that’s not the part I value). Since he’s been building a farm table in his shop at home, he wouldn’t be needing his work truck and I could take it into...

7 Benefits To Back Pain

As many of you know, my life as a fast moving train was derailed last Monday when my back went out.  After a year of no back problems, a year of thinking my change in employment would eliminate the risk of future back injury, it is the truth when I tell you I’ve...
What Does Your Armpit Smell Like?

What Does Your Armpit Smell Like?

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Why Live In The Country?

We have a new neighbor across the street. No, nobody moved in or out, no moving trucks have been on the scene. But a new miniature horse! Life in the country never ceases for opportunities for amazement and as I sat on the deck this morning, I had another country...

(Suggested) Addendum To Driver's Manual

There are a few interesting driving techniques that will need to be applied when you take your first trip to my neck of the woods.  I’m not sure if reading this will reduce or increase your stress, but at least you can say you were warned.  And, just in case...

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