Help Send Mario To School!


We went to El Salvador to visit Herbert’s family last December.

I met Mario, a 15 year old boy who does heavy construction to earn $200 per month to help his siblings pay for rent.  He and his brothers live alone, their parents both died when they were young.  His friends go to high school while Mario works 50 hours per week.  He goes to ninth grade on Saturdays.

He crept into my heart the night we stood outside in the gutter and he described the back breaking work he endures daily to help pay the rent.  A dingy streetlamp illuminated his tears while he told me how his mother died.

At some point, I’ll be able to share more of his story so you can thoroughly understand what an incredible human being he is, but for now, I’ve changed some of the details to keep his privacy.

I felt sadness…how could this boy be without both parents at such a young age?  I sobbed on the sidewalk after he left.

And I felt guilt…How can my 15 year old son be going to school every day, playing sports, making me laugh and driving me crazy while another mom and her 15 year old boy be dealt such different cards?

Most importantly, I felt I needed to help.

But how could I help Mario have enough money so he could quit his job and go to high school?  I don’t have an extra $200 per month.

Even if Herbert and I could carve $200 per month out of our budget so that Mario doesn’t have to work, can still help his siblings with the rent and go to school during the week, we would only be helping one child go to school.  There are thousands more like Mario.

I figured out the answer in the shower.

We will start the Freaky Mom Club Scholarship Fund and our first goal will be to send Mario to school.  Eventually, we will help thousands.

Here is how it will work (and how it will benefit you):

1.  You subscribe to the Consequence of the Week program for $4.99/month where each week you (or a mom you love) will learn immediately implementable strategies to improve your kid’s behavior and reduce your stress and nagging.

2.  When you subscribe and each month you continue your subscription, we will put $1 per month of your monthly fee into the scholarship fund.

3.  As soon as we reach 200 paid monthly subscribers, we will have $200 per month in the scholarship fund and will give Mario his scholarship.

4.  Every 200 subscribers after that will equal another $200 per month scholarship for another child like Mario.

I haven’t told Mario the plan because I don’t want him to get his hopes up in case we don’t reach our Mother’s Day goal.

But with your help, I’m sure we can reach the goal.

We need 200 subscribers to the Consequence of the Week program by Mother’s Day to reach $200 per month to send Mario to school. 

With $200 per month, he’ll be able to quit his job (if he doesn’t, he risks a life time of health problems and injuries due to the fact that he carries 50-200 pounds all day every day, he may not finish high school and most likely won’t go to college) and still have the money to help his brother’s pay the rent.

But, if we only put $1 of your monthly subscription fee into the fund, how do we ever get to $200 per month in the scholarship fund?

Here’s where I need your help.

Whether you subscribe or not, please share this page with all of your friends: moms, grandmas, husbands, dads and grandpas.  Although the Consequence of the Week program is written to help moms implement better consequences that positively impact the behavior and life skills of their kids, we moms don’t buy ourselves gifts very often.

That’s why I need you to share this page.  Grandmas, husbands and grandpas are the ones that help kids buy gifts for moms on Mother’s Day.

We need 200 paid subscriptions ($1 x 200 subscriptions = $200/month) by Mother’s Day, May 12, to have the money we need for Mario to pay his rent, quit his job and go to high school to work toward a better future for himself and his siblings.

So, for this Mother’s Day, please consider subscribing (or subscribing a mom you love) to the Consequence of the Week Program.

Click here to subscribe. 

You’ll be getting the tools you need, directly to your email, to be an even more awesome mom and positively impact your kid’s behavior.  And as an added bonus, you’ll be helping send Mario to school.

It costs just $4.99 per month.  If you don’t love it and experience positive effects with your kid’s behavior within the first month, you’ll get your money back.  You can cancel at any time.

Thanks for sharing this page with all the grandmas, grandpas, husbands and moms you know.

Join us with the Freaky Mom Club Scholarship Fund to send Mario to school!!

Love and best wishes,


P.S.  You can subscribe >>here.
P.P.S.  Good Job Mom!

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