Dear Mom,

This bracelet is your lifeline.  On the days you are overwhelmed with your kids, work and getting dinner, look at it, take a deep breath and tell yourself, “Good Job Mom. You’re doing your best.”  read more…

Dear Mom, 

If you’re like most busy, active, work-at-home or work-away-from-home moms, you are overwhelmed, stressed, and doing everything – but feeling guilty about not doing enough. 

You are constantly looking for (but feeling out of) balance.

On top of ALL that, you want your kids to behave and grow into exceptional adults!

But how do you stop the whining?  The complaining?  The tantrums?  The disrespect?  The bad grades?  The bad choices?  read more…

Dear Mom, 

These business sized cards celebrate moms and give you an opportunity to publicly…or anonymously…let a mom know that you caught her in some awesome act of parenting!  Join the movement! read more…

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Good Job Mom!

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