Good Job Mom! Cards


These business sized cards celebrate moms and give you an opportunity to publicly…or anonymously…let a mom know that you caught her in some awesome act of parenting!  Join the movement!

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Join the Movement!

  • support other moms!
  • brighten another mom’s day!
  • let her know you noticed her great act of parenting!
  • feel good about yourself!

Keep stocked up with Good Job Mom! cards so you can celebrate the soccer mom who bends over backward to get her kids to practice despite being exhausted from working all day!

Congratulate that mom you just saw in the store telling her kid “no” even though he is begging and crying for candy in the checkout aisle!

Chase the bike riding mom down the street to let her know you noticed she’s teaching her daughter bicycle safety!

Hand one to the unsuspecting mom who’s pushing her baby in the stroller so she can get exercise and her baby can get fresh air!

Leave one anonymously in the mom’s cart after you notice her calmly and safely managing a baby, a three year old and a five year old in the parking lot at the grocery store.

Wherever you see great acts of parenting, let Mom know!  We moms sometimes think we are in this alone, that no one else notices.  We’re not in it to get noticed, but it sure feels good when someone does!

Let’s celebrate moms every day!

On one side it says, “Good Job Mom!”

On the other it says in large print, “Congratulations!”

In medium print it says, “You were just caught in a great act of parenting!”

In small print it says, “Pass it on!  Order more cards at”

Thanks for ordering and thanks for supporting all the great moms out there!

Good Job Mom,


P.S.  You’ll love it as you walk away and hear her say, “Awwww!!!  Thank you!!!!  That made my day!!!!”

P.P.S.  Good Job Mom guarantee:  If the mom doesn’t smile when you give it to her, keep the cards and email me for a full refund.


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