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As busy Moms, we don’t have time in our lives to tackle all the clutter all at once.  As ideal as it would be to plow through it all until we are finished, that just isn’t realistic.  We have jobs, kids, laundry, sports practice, dinner, husbands, grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, parents, exercise, the dog and not enough wine or coffee to clear the clutter on top of it all.

That’s why this works.  It will work for you.  It will work for you to teach your kids.  It will even work for your mom.

It may even change your family tree.

Order now and download immediately!

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You know how you are super busy and the clutter around the house nags at you every time you see it?  You open the door to the hall closet and stuff falls out on you?  You pick up something here, move something there and attempt to tackle the dresser but never ACTUALLY feel like you’re making any progress?

On top of it all, you get distracted by the kids, the phone, the dog or dinner-time?

Well, Mom, you are not alone.

I have been there and done that.  And written a short book about it for my elderly home health clients.


My Good Job Mom! friends!!!

The Good Job Mom! Clutter Reduction Program is a 26 page downloadable or printable PDF that takes you step by step through The Clutter Reduction Program.  It works with the time you have available and teaches you a new way to address (and eliminate) the clutter.

9 Ways It Helps YOU!

Stress reduction

Anxiety reduction

Find things you’re looking for

Spend less money

Save more money

Stop tripping on things

Increase your self confidence

Leave a legacy for your children

Increase pride in your home


5 Ways It Helps YOUR KIDS!

They get quality Mother Child time

They learn to give things away

They learn to throw things away

They learn to have a “home” for things

They learn to keep their room clean


10 Ways It Helps YOUR Mom!

She gets quality time with you!

She can find things she’s looking for

She spends less money

She saves money

She stops tripping on things

She has more self confidence

She leaves a legacy for her children and grandchildren

She has more pride in her home

She has a lower risk of falling in her house

She has a lower risk of getting hurt in her house

Here’s what it says in the published version, the book  called The Clutter Reduction Program, available on Amazon, that I wrote for my older adult clients and fellow Occupational Therapists:

Lindsey graduated from The University of Puget Sound in 1997, cum laude with a degree in Occupational Therapy.  She has worked in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, elementary schools and in home health care.  It was inside patient homes that she realized a need for a specialized housekeeping and household management training program. 

She is a serial entrepreneur, who with her husband and two boys, has run a goat farm and blog at, a real estate investment business and a mom blog.  She finds great joy in helping people realize they are not alone (and there is hope!) in their current life situation, loves to celebrate moms and cheer for her boys at their soccer and basketball games.

Some of her greatest honors were when her son Andre introduced her at a school function as,  “This is my mom, Lindsey.  She comes to everything,” and when her son Diego drew a middle finger on his wall and wrote, “I hate my mom, all she talks about is grades.”  Her boys will always know she loves them, and she’s convinced they’ll finally realize it when they’re about thirty-five.

Now, you get your own, Good Job Mom! edition of The Clutter Reduction Program especially for you, my Good Job Mom! friends!!

P.S.  Good Job Mom! Clutter Reduction Program Guarantee:  If you are not 100% happy with the program, email me and I’ll refund ALL of your money.


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