Are YOU A Good Mom?

by Lindsey

I’m guessing…yes. 

How do I know?  (duh.  Moms know everything…remember?)

I know you’re a Good Mom, because if you ended up HERE…it’s not just happenstance.

You are the best Mom your kids could EVER have. 

You love them with a passion.

You teach them manners.

You say “no”.

You mean “no”.

You crack up in hysterics with (and at) your kids…until tears run down your legs.

You reflect on your mothering.

You want to be the best Mom for your kids.

You’re exhausted.

You’re a coffee connoisseur, because some days that’s how you survive.

You’re contemplating becoming a sommelier (for both wine and chocolate.)

You serve cereal for dinner some nights.

You ARE Me:

You are doing an awesome job and your kids will appreciate it when they’re older.

Sure, you make mistakes as a Mom.  I do too.  You aren’t perfect.  Neither am I.  But you’re doing your best. 

Working on balance, love, consequences, rewards, carpools, not pulling your hair out, keeping food in the house, remembering to shave your legs and sometimes doing the laundry.

So, are YOU a Good Mom?  Check out some sample behaviors below and then you decide.

You are a Good Mom if you (among a zillion other things):

1. Love your kids with a passion.
2. Scream the loudest at their soccer games.  (They don’t play soccer?  I still like you.  Substitute drama, band, volleyball…)
3. Take their phones for bad grades.
4. Say no when you’re in line and they’re begging for candy at the store.
5. Expect the best.
6. Expect mistakes.
7. Reflect on your mothering style.
8. Are involved.
9. Embarrass them because you love them.
10. Know their friends.

(see??!!!  I knew it!  You ARE a Good Mom!!!)

That’s why it’s time you know about Good Job Mom!

Be the kind of Mom your kids will appreciate when they’re older (because they sure don’t now.)

Good Job Mom,



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