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The Consequence of the Week Program:

How To Give Consequences That Work.

If you’re like most busy, active, work-at-home or work-away-from-home moms, you are overwhelmed, stressed, and doing everything – but feeling guilty about not doing enough. 

You are constantly looking for (but feeling out of) balance.

On top of ALL that, you want your kids to behave and grow into exceptional adults!

But how do you stop the whining?  The complaining?  The tantrums?  The disrespect?  The bad grades?  The bad choices?

Yes, your kids need love.  Yes, your kids need you.  Yes, your kids need boundaries…but how do you effectively establish those boundaries?

How do you get them to behave?  Respect?  Help around the house?  Stop talking back?  Get better grades?  Make better choices so you don’t feel so overwhelmed and stressed?

Your kids need consequences!  But not just any consequences…Your kids need CREATIVE CONSEQUENCES

If you’re going to discipline them, why not kill a few birds with one stone?  Change it up a bit, because what you’ve been doing isn’t working and it’s exhausting.

Sure!  Discipline them for their actions…but use a consequence that goes beyond their anger and defensiveness to teach them a lesson they will remember and life skills they can use at the same time (and they won’t even know you’re doing it!)

Don’t just put them in time out (but that sure works sometimes!).  Don’t just yell and lecture (some of that’s ok too…).  Don’t resort to spanking for every misdeed (but I’m not against that every so often!).

Give Creative Consequences with the Consequence of the Week program (we call it “COW” for short).  

Give consequences that work so you don’t have to keep nagging, yelling and lecturing!

For the cost of one Caramel Macchiato per month, you can:

Have more fun.

Have less stress.

Be proud of your kids.

Stop the bad behavior.

Have less work around the house.

Laugh more.

Your kids will:

Behave better.

Get better grades.

Throw fewer temper tantrums.

Whine less.

Appreciate more.

Help more around the house.

What you’ll get:

3 emails per week.  One on Monday, one on Wednesday, one on Thursday.

Because I know you’re a busy mom, you’ll be able to prioritize which you read first.

Monday’s email will be titled “COW-Scenario” and will paint the picture of the bad deed the child committed.

Wednesday’s email will be titled “COW-Consequence” and will give the creative consequence (it will also include the scenario again in case you were too busy to read Monday’s email).

Thursday’s email will be titled “COW-Rationale” and will give the reason for the consequence.  This is where you will learn why this consequence works.  (It will also include the scenario and consequence in case you didn’t get a chance to read Monday’s or Wednesday’s email.)

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn:

Week 1 – Teach the brain + Teach the muscles

Week 2 – Break the Rock Throwing Habit

Week 3 – Calm Your Hyper Child

Week 4 – Stop the Fighting in the Car!

Week 5 – No More Talking Back

Week 6 – Instill Personal Responsibility

Week 7 – Anger Management + “It Was An Accident!  I Didn’t Mean To!”

Week 8 – How to Stop the Nightly Homework Battle

Week 9 – Your New “go-to” Phrase (that works in all situations)

Week 10 – Getting the Kids to Help You

Week 11 – Picking on Little Brother

Week 12 – No More Nagging!

Week 13 – How To Do Less Laundry

Week 14 – Don’t Clean Up Their Mess 

Week 15 – Benefits of the “gross factor”

Weeks 16 on – you’ll find out when you get there!! 

But Wait!

I can imagine what you’re thinking.  WHY would anyone PAY GOOD MONEY for consequences when they can get free lists and lists and lists all over Pinterest?

THIS!!  This is WHY!!

You can pin and pin and pin but do you ever have time to go back and LOOK at those lists and lists and lists?  I would venture to say, if you’re at all like most moms and have every intention of going back to look at your boards and those lists, that No!  You don’t!  Because you’re a mom and YOU DON’T HAVE TIME!!

You’re too busy changing diapers, catching up on sleep, grocery shopping, driving kids to practice, doing laundry, working, pinning things on Pinterest that you’ll look at later, building a business, volunteering at school, dealing with the cell phone company, figuring out how to pay the bills, taking the kids to school… and that’s before you’ve even had breakfast!

Then there’s the fact that you might not even remember that you pinned it!  You have children, for heaven’s sake!  If it’s not scientifically proven that giving birth to and raising children reduces your ability to recall simple facts and remember things you did yesterday, it should be.

So why, again, would you pay for a consequence?

Well, THIS is why!!!

The Consequence of the Week has a direct effect on your wallet!  You wouldn’t just throw a $5 bill AWAY, would you?  Of course not!!  The Consequence of the Week (COW) shows up in your inbox 3 times a week with 3 simple subject lines:  Monday’s subject line says “COW – Scenario”, Wednesday’s says “COW – Consequence” and Thursday’s says “COW – Rationale”.

How much is it?  $4.99 per month billed on your credit or debit card.

Is it worth it?  You decide!  Is it worth $4.99 per month to have your kids do their own laundry?  To have a peaceful car ride?  To stop the whining?  To stop being embarrassed by temper tantrums at the grocery store?  If you sign up and decide it’s not worth it, I’ll refund 100% of your money.

That’s why this works!!!

You’ve got skin in the game!

You HAVE to look in your inbox because you would NEVER throw away a $5 bill, right?  And you will remember what and where these consequences are because, unless you are a cattle rancher, what else in your inbox starts with COW?

Trust what other moms tell me.  You will learn from the Consequence of the Week.  Your kids will learn from the Consequence of the Week.

Your stress will reduce.  Your life will be more fun.  There will be less yelling.  There will be more laughing.

And, there’s a 100% money back guarantee, so give it a shot.

Your kids will thank you when they’re older.

With each Consequence of the Week, you will add another tool to your Toolbox of Creative and Exceptional Parenting Skills.

Sign up for the Consequence of the Week + help Mario go to school.

You’ll be glad you did.

Good Job Mom,


Lindsey always has the best consequences for kid behavior.  It is like she knows my child or something.  I can see more rock moving in my 6 year old’s future.



I am not sure where the Freaky Mom set up the camera in my house. Her advice always seems to arrive at the perfect time. I love the practical advice and new ideas to deal with the ever changing behavior of a preteen. I enjoy the realistic and humorous approach of the COW, you can never have too much humor. If we cannot laugh at a our kids, who can we laugh at?  Thanks Freaky Mom for helping me stay one step ahead of my kiddo. 



They are great reminders to be engaged as a parent, get creative and have fun!



The trampoline has helped to calm him and also given him a lot of self confidence.  He has taught himself through major practicing – to do front flips!  We owe you!  Best decision!


Mom & Human Resources VP

I love the consequences and the rationale of the week so very much!  I look forward to getting them in my inbox each week!

Getting new ideas from other moms on consequences and discipline helps me to keep up with creative ideas that will teach my kids lasting lessons, making them think twice before returning to the behavior and help in raising great kids.

That’s the main goal we are all going for right?!  Let’s face it, us moms have to stick together and need all the help we can get sometimes!

I also love that the consequences are all based on helping them grow and learn from their choices!  It is much better than just yelling and acting like a crazy person when they choose to make poor choices!

(I’ve been known to act like this crazy person and don’t like the outcome!)

I also love these emails because I tend to blow off consequences due to the fact that I don’t want a fight or I’m too exhausted to even want to come up with something!

In getting Lindsey’s emails, I can choose from a variety of creative options, use them as they are or add in a dash of my own spice, which makes discipline so much easier!!

I do love getting these emails, each spread out throughout the week so that I can think on what I may say or do in each situation she presents.  And then I compare notes, so to speak, when she sends her consequence ideas!!

Such a fun, creative way to help our kids grow to be the best they can be!

I highly recommend subscribing to Lindsey’s blog and signing up to receive her weekly emails!



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