I can imagine what you’re thinking.  WHY would anyone PAY GOOD MONEY for consequences when they can get free lists and lists and lists and lists and lists all over Pinterest?

THIS!!  This!!! This is WHY!!

You can pin and pin and pin but do you ever have time to go back and LOOK at those lists and lists and lists?  I would venture to say, if you’re at all like me and have every intention of going back to look at your boards and those lists, that No!  You don’t!  Because you’re a Mom and YOU DON’T HAVE TIME!!  

You’re too busy changing diapers, catching up on sleep, grocery shopping, driving kids to practice, doing laundry, working, pinning things on Pinterest that you’ll look at later, building a business, volunteering at school, dealing with the cell phone company, figuring out how to pay the bills, taking the kids to school… and that’s before you’ve even had breakfast!

And, then there’s the fact that you might not even remember that you pinned it!  You have children, for heaven’s sake!  If it’s not scientifically proven that giving birth to and raising children reduces your ability to recall simple facts and remember things you did yesterday, it should be.

So why, again, would you pay for a consequence?

Well, THIS is why!!!

The Consequence of the Week has a direct effect on your wallet!  You wouldn’t just throw a $5 bill AWAY, would you?  Of course not!!  The Consequence of the Week (COW) shows up in your inbox 3 times a week with 3 simple subject lines:  Monday’s subject line says “COW – Scenario”, Wednesday’s says “COW – Consequence” and Thursday’s says “COW – Rationale”.  

That’s why this works!!!

You HAVE to look in your inbox because you would NEVER throw away a $5 bill, right?  And you will remember what and where these consequences are because, unless you are a cattle rancher, what else in your inbox starts with COW?

Trust me.  You will learn from the Consequence of the Week.  Your kids will learn from the Consequence of the Week. 

Your stress will reduce.  Your life will be more fun.  There will be less yelling.  There will be more laughing.

And, there’s a 100% money back guarantee, so give it a shot.

Your kids will thank you when they’re older.

Good Job Mom,




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